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Why Glass Reinforced Plastics??

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic commonly known as fibreglass. In the USA they often refer to it as FRP or Fibre Reinforced Plastic.

In a nutshell it is a product made with a thermosetting resin and strengthened by the inclusion of glass as a reinforcement.

There are many types of resin system available to cope with particular applications and of course different grades of glass reinforcement.

As a help to show why GRP may be used, we have shown a number of features of GRP and the benefits this can produce.

We have even coated GRP with real stone chippings to simulate concrete.

GRP has been around for many decades and there are lots of examples of panels which have been in service for 25 years or more. There is no reason to believe that GRP will not have a service life as long as concrete.


  • Rot proof.  GRP is suitable for prolonged immersion in water or effluent.  Because it does not rot it will give many years of low maintenance service.  Example launder channels in sewerage treatment works.
  • Non-porous.  GRP produces a layer which is not porous.  This means that a product coated with it will not leak.  Concrete bunds can be coated with GRP to ensure that any spillages of liquid are safely contained within the bund.
  • Lightweight.  Careful design means that stiff lightweight structures can be produced with much lower weight than alternatives in steel or concrete.  GRP makes excellent tank covers.
  • Easily formable.  Simple moulds can be made to produce complete one piece shapes.  This reduces the requirement for fixings and joints.  GRP is often used to make one piece equipment cabinets.
  • Simple tooling.  For low volumes or one off products, it is often possible to make simple tooling. This means that lead times are short.
  • Easily machined.  GRP can be cut and drilled using standard hand held tools which makes it easy to work with.
  • Easily repaired.  In the event of a GRP product getting damaged in service, it is usually cheap and simple to repair.
  • Variety of finishes. GRP can be finished in many ways.  The finish can be smooth gloss, smooth matt, and any colour you like.  If you would like a textured finish this can also be achieved.