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Tank Lining

Genesis can advise on the repair and relining of tanks.This is usually very economical when compared with the cost of new tanks. GRP can be applied to most tank surfaces given proper preparations. Correct material selection ensures long life even when aggressive liquids are being stored.

Bund Lining

Bunds are used to contain the spillage from tanks and other storage vessels.A simple method of manufacturing a bund is to use breeze blocks, but these are not inherently leak proof. Genesis can apply a suitable GRP coating to bund walls and floors which will ensure the integrity of the bund. The type of resin system used will depend on the liquid being contained. If the bund is outside it may be necessary to consider keeping rainwater out of the bund to avoid unnecessary volume of waste being collected.

Wet Rooms

Genesis has been called upon to line rooms for different purposes. For one client we applied GRP to plywood partitions to make joint free walls, in personnel showers. The joint free walls offer no cracks and crevices for bacteria to grow. The durable GRP finish is easy to keep clean. The surface can be any colour the client wishes.

Fumigation Rooms

A specialised application for GRP is fumigation rooms. Genesis can line a room completely with GRP to give a joint free liner.