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Flat Roofs

The very mention of flat roofs or flat roofing is likely to bring people out in a cold sweat. This is not surprising because for most owners of flat roofs have had expensive and regular maintenance problems. A lot of flat roofs are made from felt which has a very limited life of 10 – 15 years.

Once the rain has got under the felt it is not uncommon for the deck beneath to fail particularly if it is made from chipboard.
However, do not despair; help is at hand if you live in Fife, Perth & Kinross or Lothian.

Non Slip Steps

If you have worn or damaged steps, Genesis can make them safe and non-slip. This is done by applying a hardwearing fibreglass coating to them.

We would normally only undertake this work in and around Fife. To see a sample please give us a call.

GRP Ponds

Garden ponds are very popular and of course there are a variety of pond liners available. Some systems are more durable than others.
Fibreglass is particularly strong and long lasting and has the advantage of being reparable or alterable in the future.
The colour of the liner can be to your requirements. Special resins are used which are suitable for the fish.
We would normally only undertake this work in and around Fife. Please given us a call and we can come to discuss your requirements in detail.

Oval sign for visitors centre

Gold panning sluices manufactured for Gold Panning supplies

Fibreglass garage. Virtually maintenance free.