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GRP – A flexible alternative

We have a self contained manufacturing unit in one of the industrial estates in Glenrothes.  This enables us to manufacture a lot of things in-house and also acts as our base for our site work and installation team.

Genesis Composites also has close relationships with other GRP manufacturing companies enabling us to undertake large and complex projects.   Where these facilities are used Genesis Composites accepts full responsibility for project management, design and installation.

The bulk of our work involves the handlay production technique however, because of our breadth of experience we also undertake work with pultrusions and thermoplastics.  If you have any queries in any of these areas we can probably help.

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How Long Has GRP been used?

RP has been around for many decades and there are lots of examples of panels which have been in service for 25 years or more. There is no reason to believe that GRP will not have a service life as long as concrete./p>

Glass Reinforced Plastics – Making you exactly what you want

As a fibreglass manufacturer our aim at Genesis is to help our customers develop GRP mouldings and products in GRP which are cost effective and well matched to their needs.

Often this has led us to tackle projects which our competitors avoid, and our innovative use of GRP has helped us develop continually.

With many fibreglass manufacturer companies involved in GRP, our prospective customers need to know that by choosing Genesis they will find a fibreglass manufacturer and GRP mouldings supplier who is committed to supplying them with a quality service representing good value. 

We prefer to foster long term relationships with our customers We employ people who share our objectives and are continually trained to help them reach their true potential.

Why us:

  • We have a good track record going back to 1995 when the company was formed.
  • We have an impressive customer base who have placed contracts with us for many years.
  • We have a proven track record in undertaking simple and complex projects.
  • We have good testimonials from our customers
  • Our commitment to our existing and prospective clients is to provide an honest and complete service, and be prepared to say when we don’t have the best GRP mouldings solution for you.